SpiralArm Consulting

Application and Server software design and development using Flutter, Dart and NodeJS.

Mobile Development

Development of Google Flutter based applications for iOS, Android and Desktop apps as well as Package/Plugin development.

Solutions Architecture

Working with the client to select the most appropriate technologies to match their project budget and requirement.

NodeJS Development

CLI, MBaaS, SaaS and REST API server development and maintenance using Node, MongoDb, MySQL and Express.

App Store Submissions

Setup of apps for submission to the iTunes App Store/Google Play Store as well as corporate app distributions.


SpiralArm Consulting is a small technology business run by Stephen Rogers

I am a passionate technologist, software architect and developer possessing excellent technical and analytical skills with a keen insight and hunger for new technologies and how to apply them from concept to delivery.

A consultant for many years, I have experience working with Enterprise and SME clients in both a design and development capacity across a diverse range of projects These include mobile applications, middleware services and back-end data systems.

Sometimes this is part of a team and sometimes as a lone resource, but always adapting to the requirements and culture of the client. Please take a look at my LinkedIn and Github profiles for more information, just use the buttons below.

Steve Rogers

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Flutter Packages

I develop and maintain a number of Flutter/Dart packages that are published on pub.dev as well as open sourced projects on Github,just follow the links below.

Flutter Packages Open source projects

Mobile Development

Application Development with Google Flutter

As a mobile application developer I have a wide breath of experience developing mobiles apps for both Android and iOS devices, from simple apps to complex corporate enterprise applications for company use.

I have also created and released a number of Flutter packages that can be found at the Flutter Package site here.

If your project requires some form of server or server storage I can also provide help with this, with experience of building safe, secure server applications using Node.js, Express and MongoDb.

SpiralArm Consulting can help with advice, direction and development services.

Client project and freelance work

Below is a sample of the clients I have worked for, either as part of a contract (direct and in-direct), or as a standalone project.

  • CMAC Group

  • Greggs

  • Various TOCs

  • - LNER
  • - Crossrail
  • - Northern
  • - London Overground

  • TUI
  • Marks and Spencer


DaysLeft is an app designed to help keep track of visa-free travel in the Schengen area, available for android and iOS

App information App development

Node.js Development

Server and API development with Node.js

I have experience architecting and developing back end applications, secure servers and REST API platforms in node.js, as well as development of public and private NPM modules.

In fact this site is generated using the first stage of custom node.js Content Management System that I have been developing for use in an e-commerce site.

It features a templating system and currently stores the data for the site in a set of standard JSON files, which will at a later date be transferred to a database.


This is feedback from people I have worked with and clients I have worked for. These have been taken from LinkedIn recommendations.The companies and job titles being from the time when the project was active.

Now Departing

Now Departing is a iOS/Android mobile app built using Flutter. It has a back end written in nodejs that uses a publically available node module that I have written and released to query the National Rail Enquiries Live Departure Boards Service.

LDBS-JSON Module Now Departing


I am based in Arlesey, Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom, with an easy commute to London, Cambridge and the surrounding areas and a short distance from Luton Airport.


+44 (0) 1462 886 338
+44 (0) 7814 006 510

If you call please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.